Almost to a Dollar and Only Been 3 Days!

I took a look at my stats today, and its only been 3 days using the ad clicker and I’ve almost got a dollar. That means you can get that builders club in 3 months! That seems like a while but its worth it guys. Now lets determine if we will have enough money to pay for builders club at the end of the year. *Doing Math* You should have $73.20 by the end of the year with no referrals, but that money doubles if you do and they follow the plan. That means you will have enough money to support builders club. Thats good news for you! I’m going to try it out for a year, buy builders club, and report back. Again, its a long process, but it pays off.


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Expected Updates in Beta 2

Beta 2 wont come until beta 1 becomes stable. That means no exceptions, no bugs, no anything, but I’m going to list some of the expected updates for beta 2. Beta 2 will be coming out from next week to next month, its not predictable. So anyway, heres the list.

  • You can expect to see a startup screen, there you will have some choices of different things to do.
  • One of those things is that you can view your stats.
  • Another one is that you can view how many ads you have available to click.
  • You can also visit to send messages.

These updates will be coming out in the next beta.

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Noticed Problems With Ad Clicker Beta 1

There were three problems with the beta one that I have noticed so far. Again, if you notice any other problems, leave comments.

  • At the beginning, there is a message that makes no sense because that problem was resolved during the making of the program.
  • During the program, if all of your ads have been visited, you will get an exception. Just close the program and watch to see if more ads become available.
  • Finally, at the end of visiting the ads, you will get an exception. Just click quit because that is basically a notice that the clicking of ads is complete.

After these three problems, the program worked just fine for me. Again, you do need Microsoft’s .NET Framework for this program to run. You can download it here.

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Ad Clicker Beta 1 Is Here.

Yes, the ad clicker beta 1 is here. For those of you who dont know what this is, you can read the posts over at roblox allies. Theres a post for how to get builders club for free. This program goes with that. So for an even faster way to get that money for builders club, you can get the ad clicker! The link is at the bottom of the post. If you have any questons or bugs with the program, post a comment. I will make sure to fix that problem in the next version. That’s it for now. All the updates will be featured here too. To download, you can also click the download button on the nav bar at the top. There you can download the latest version. To get the older versions, you can come here.

Link to download beta 1:

You can also download the file in the downloads on the right side of this page.

NOTE: When installing the program, save it to your computer because there is NO install. I would suggest putting it on your desktop as well.

Hope you like it!! Also when you download this file, i need referrals so it would be greatly appreciated if you guys had me as your referral. Heres my link:



Microsoft .NET Framework. You can download it here.

Operating System: Any Windows System. No Mac.

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