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That’s right. We’re moving to a freewebs account. This is also the announcement of a BRAND NEW club that i will be setting up. The club is called ROBLOX Pros. This is a club for building geniouses, scripting geniouses, program creators, or website developers. Im guessing right now that the club is mostly going to consist of building and scripting geniouses. The ROBLOX Pros HQ is located at my place. Overall, this site and all of its contents will be moving to a freewebs site ( Go ahead and check it out. And hey, you can also be apart of the ROBLOX Pros Mailing List!

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Betas the Version for a While

There was a very unexpected error with the stable version that messes up the entire program, so I guess you wouldnt call it stable. I am starting on a new slate with a completely new interface and such. Theres also the new features that will be featured in the new one. The next version will be a stable one because all the errors will probably have been fixed by then, but for right now, we’ll just stick to the beta because it only has one problem with it and that problem is not major.

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Stable Version Called Back

We had to call back the stable version due to an unexpected error. It will be back up in 1 to 2 days.

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Comments Anyone

Mannnnnnn. No feedback. Thats rly wierd….

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Need of Referrers

Guys im in a big need of referrers so could you guys put me down as your referrer, its one simple thing to do. You can sign up here.

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The Stable Version is Here!

That’s right. Theres no more bugs with the program. And this one actually comes with an installer!!!! The setup is named Ad Clicker 1 Setup and it is down in the corner.

June 28, 2008 at 6:02 pm 2 comments

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